Generator Repair and Maintenance

Yip Shing is committed to quality and to provide clients with excellent services. Apart from power supply, we offer generator maintenance and repair services depending upon your needs. When you encounter genset failures or unavailability, our certified technicians are always ready to visit your site to tackle the problems. If problems could not be solved after investigation, our service teams are able to supply you with temporary genset to minimise inconvenience. We also have the expertise to transport gensets to your site.

Alternatively, we could also provide repairs and maintenance services for clients who use generators which are not purchased from us on a job-by-job basis. For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to call (+852) 2479 9386 or contact us to know more!

Our repair team is always ready to visit your site to ensure that your genset operates efficiently

Our repair team is on standby to assist you at all times

Our repairs and maintenance services are also offered to clients using generators from other companies

We are able to supply emergency power to minimise inconvenience due to sudden electricity shortage

Our technicians are issued with valid certificates and received relevant safety training that they are certified to work on land or on board the vessel in the waters of Hong Kong.