Our Service Promise: Rental Diesel Generators

Published On 3 November, 2023Our rental generators come equipped with remote monitoring capabilities

Our rental generators come equipped with remote monitoring capabilities, allowing real-time visibility into their status. Once any abnormalities are detected, our technical professionals can promptly address and resolve issues, preventing unexpected shutdowns leading to power outages!

Our Service Promise:
✔Remote monitoring of rental generators, ensuring a smooth flow of power.
✔We’ll be there within four hours at the quickest to address any emergencies on-site.
✔Regular site visits every two months to inspect the condition of long-term rental units.

Joining the Lai See (Red packet) reuse and recycle program

Published On 24 March, 2023


We’re more than just a company – we are passionate about sustainability and preserving our planet! Our team recently took part in a Lai See (Red packet) reuse and recycle program. We believe that small actions can make a big difference. That’s why we’re joining Earth Hour this Sat (25 March, 2023 at HKT20:30). It’s a global event reminding us all to take action to protect our planet. Join us to show some love to our Earth!