Joining the Lai See (Red packet) reuse and recycle program

Published On 24 March, 2023


We’re more than just a company – we are passionate about sustainability and preserving our planet! Our team recently took part in a Lai See (Red packet) reuse and recycle program. We believe that small actions can make a big difference. That’s why we’re joining Earth Hour this Sat (25 March, 2023 at HKT20:30). It’s a global event reminding us all to take action to protect our planet. Join us to show some love to our Earth!

How to check and fill radiator coolant in a diesel generator?

Published On 22 April, 2022

Before starting a diesel generator, it is essential to check the coolant level to prevent the unit from over-temperature. When the coolant level is low, you need to replenish the coolant to the radiator:

  1. Before adding coolant, make sure that the radiator is cooled down.
  2. After opening the lid at the top of the radiator, add coolant slowly to let additional air from the generator set breathe out.
  3. When the filling is complete, tightly close the radiator cap.

Though you may visually check the coolant level with naked eyes when opening the radiator cover, it may not be accurate. Instead, in our Remote Radiator Type enclosure sets, we have a radiator sight tube (e.g. level gauge instrument) installed at the radiator side. For open type diesel generators, you can check the coolant level through a sight tube located at the top corner of the radiator. Furthermore, the control panel notifies you when a low coolant level is detected.

radiator sight tube at the radiator side
radiator sight tube at the radiator side
Radiator sight tube in open type diesel generators
Radiator sight tube in open type diesel generators