How to check and fill radiator coolant in a diesel generator?

Published On 22 April, 2022

Before starting a diesel generator, it is essential to check the coolant level to prevent the unit from over-temperature. When the coolant level is low, you need to replenish the coolant to the radiator:

  1. Before adding coolant, make sure that the radiator is cooled down.
  2. After opening the lid at the top of the radiator, add coolant slowly to let additional air from the generator set breathe out.
  3. When the filling is complete, tightly close the radiator cap.

Though you may visually check the coolant level with naked eyes when opening the radiator cover, it may not be accurate. Instead, in our Remote Radiator Type enclosure sets, we have a radiator sight tube (e.g. level gauge instrument) installed at the radiator side. For open type diesel generators, you can check the coolant level through a sight tube located at the top corner of the radiator. Furthermore, the control panel notifies you when a low coolant level is detected.

radiator sight tube at the radiator side
radiator sight tube at the radiator side
Radiator sight tube in open type diesel generators
Radiator sight tube in open type diesel generators

Supporting Earth Hour 2022

Published On 25 March, 2022

Earth Hour 2022

Earth Hour is a renowned campaign to raise public awareness to take sustainable actions against climate change. Again, we pledged to support Earth Hour by switching off lights at 8:30 pm on 26 March.

As this year’s theme is “Habits Protect Habitats”, we support the idea to develop new habits to save our nature. This year, we hope to further spread the message and encourage colleagues to make the following changes on March 25:

  1. Switch off unnecessary power supplies during lunchtime;
  2. Carry reusable lunch boxes and tableware instead of buying takeaways with disposables.

Don’t forget to join us in switching off lights for Earth hour this Saturday. Let us join hands together in environmental protection!

Thank you so much for the active participation from our team!

Providing a safe working environment for our employees

Published On 3 March, 2022

Providing a safe working environment for our employees

The Hong Kong community is confronting the latest alarming wave of Covid-19 outbreaks. In addition to customer satisfaction, our employees’ safety and health are our top priority. To ensure they work in a safe working environment, we adopted the following proactive policies:

  1. Hiring professionals to perform quality coronavirus deep-cleaning services to safeguard our workplace.
  2. Offering COVID-19 rapid testing kits for employees. Only employees with negative results are allowed to work in our workplace. In case employees or their close contacts are tested positive, employees are required to undergo quarantine to have rest and help keep COVID-19 from spreading.
  3. Changing office hours to avoid the peak-hour commute and letting our office workers work at home. Our office hours are now from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Mon – Fri). [*Update: From 19 April 2022, our office hours restore from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Mon – Fri).]
  4. Providing hygiene kits including N95 masks, face shields, wet tissues and sanitisers for employees when working on sites.

While protecting our employees’ well-being, we hope to ensure quality products and services to you as always. Hope that the tough time will be over soon and everyone is safe and healthy!

Different door designs in our diesel generator sets

Published On 26 November, 2021

Different door designs in our diesel generator sets

In our enclosure diesel generating sets, specific door designs are assigned to particular genset types. The most common types are Single Door Design and Double Door Design.

The single door design is often applied to ‘End In Front Out Type’ containerised generator sets. As ‘End In Front Out Type’ requires more natural wind for ventilation airflow within the container for cooling, the airflow louvres in the door are relatively wider.

The double door design is utilised in ‘Remote Radiator Type’ containerised generator sets. Generator sets with double door designs would use less space when opening the doors for maintenance. The double door is on the alternator side. For the opposite side (radiator side), the door is tightened with fastenings which can be loosened for maintenance. When there is a need to replace the radiators, you only have to open the doors at the radiator side instead of removing the whole generator set out of the container.

Before shipment, we seal the container door locks to protect the internal contents during transportation. So, it keeps everything secure delivering to your place!