New QPME Rental Series: 125kVA & 250kVA Diesel Generator Sets

Published On 10 July, 2024

New QPME Rental Series 125kVA 250kVA Diesel Generator Sets, QPME Generator

Optimised for Hong Kong Market

Introducing the addition of our new rental units! These options have been approved by the Quality Powered Mechanical Equipment (QPME) and carry the green label, meeting the stringent guidelines set by the Hong Kong local regulations and environmental standards. Featuring the 125kVA and 250kVA models, these diesel generator sets offer enhanced features and improved performance. Let’s explore the exciting features of our new series!

Fast Connections with Waterproof Sockets

Featuring waterproof sockets certified by CE and protected with an IP67 rating, our rental diesel generator sets enable fast and convenient connections for our users now. With these waterproof sockets, you no longer need to connect to an external power distribution box to cater to your diverse equipment usage. let’s explore the socket configurations for each model:


  • 3 sockets: 16A, 3 poles
  • 2 sockets: 32A, 2 poles


  • 3 sockets: 16A, 3 poles
  • 2 sockets: 32A, 5 poles
  • 2 sockets: 62A, 5 poles

Apart from this flexibility, our generator sets have been rigorously tested for 20 minutes to ensure waterproof performance, demonstrating their ability to withstand rainwater and prevent corrosion.

Enhanced Efficiency with lower Fuel Consumption and Increased Fuel Tank Capacity

Our rental diesel generator sets are assembled with Cummins engines QSL8.9-G4 and QSB5.9-G3 for 125kVA/100kW and 250kVA/200kW models respectively. These engines are electronically controlled, resulting in lower fuel consumption than mechanical engines. Not to be overlooked, the fuel tank capacity of the 125kVA generator set now boasts a 50% increase from the previous 200 litres. Similarly, the 250kVA generator set has a fuel tank capacity of 460 litres, up from 400 litres. We also added security through lock and key for the fuel tank. With these larger fuel tanks and our fuel-efficient engines, you can enjoy extended operating hours and enhanced operational efficiency, reducing the frequency of refuelling.

Enhanced Accessibility for Maintenance and Repairs

To prioritise accessibility for maintenance and repairs, the fuel tank of the rental generator set is now located at the bottom, creating a larger engine room. This new configuration eliminates the need to remove the canopy for fuel-related maintenance tasks, making it easier and more efficient for clients to perform their work.

Your Partner in Power Solution

Whether you require temporary power solutions for events, construction sites, or emergency backup, our new series is designed to meet your needs efficiently and effectively. For more information, please contact our friendly sales team. Thank you for choosing us!

Our Service Promise: Rental Diesel Generators

Published On 3 November, 2023Our rental generators come equipped with remote monitoring capabilities

Our rental generators come equipped with remote monitoring capabilities, allowing real-time visibility into their status. Once any abnormalities are detected, our technical professionals can promptly address and resolve issues, preventing unexpected shutdowns leading to power outages!

Our Service Promise:
✔Remote monitoring of rental generators, ensuring a smooth flow of power.
✔We’ll be there within four hours at the quickest to address any emergencies on-site.
✔Regular site visits every two months to inspect the condition of long-term rental units.

How to check and fill radiator coolant in a diesel generator?

Published On 22 April, 2022

Before starting a diesel generator, it is essential to check the coolant level to prevent the unit from over-temperature. When the coolant level is low, you need to replenish the coolant to the radiator:

  1. Before adding coolant, make sure that the radiator is cooled down.
  2. After opening the lid at the top of the radiator, add coolant slowly to let additional air from the generator set breathe out.
  3. When the filling is complete, tightly close the radiator cap.

Though you may visually check the coolant level with naked eyes when opening the radiator cover, it may not be accurate. Instead, in our Remote Radiator Type enclosure sets, we have a radiator sight tube (e.g. level gauge instrument) installed at the radiator side. For open type diesel generators, you can check the coolant level through a sight tube located at the top corner of the radiator. Furthermore, the control panel notifies you when a low coolant level is detected.

radiator sight tube at the radiator side
radiator sight tube at the radiator side
Radiator sight tube in open type diesel generators
Radiator sight tube in open type diesel generators

Different door designs in our diesel generator sets

Published On 26 November, 2021

Different door designs in our diesel generator sets

In our enclosure diesel generating sets, specific door designs are assigned to particular genset types. The most common types are Single Door Design and Double Door Design.

The single door design is often applied to ‘End In Front Out Type’ containerised generator sets. As ‘End In Front Out Type’ requires more natural wind for ventilation airflow within the container for cooling, the airflow louvres in the door are relatively wider.

The double door design is utilised in ‘Remote Radiator Type’ containerised generator sets. Generator sets with double door designs would use less space when opening the doors for maintenance. The double door is on the alternator side. For the opposite side (radiator side), the door is tightened with fastenings which can be loosened for maintenance. When there is a need to replace the radiators, you only have to open the doors at the radiator side instead of removing the whole generator set out of the container.

Before shipment, we seal the container door locks to protect the internal contents during transportation. So, it keeps everything secure delivering to your place!

Can diesel generators run safely on rainy days?

Published on 21 October, 2021

Can diesel generators run safely on rainy days?

Heavy rainfall is usual in tropical regions and other areas. A stable electricity supply is crucial in bad weather, but is it safe to run a diesel generator on rainy days?

Our enclosure type diesel generators are safely designed to equip with both weatherproof and soundproof functions. Under normal usage, raindrops cannot get into the internal parts like fuel, lubricating and cooling systems. Additionally, all of our containerised sets have water outlets at the bottom of air outlets to remove water. However, do not run a genset in extreme conditions, for example, locating a genset under a drain spout or during a flood.

We should never operate an openset under the rain, as this type is for locating in a generator room. Water can cause permanent damage to a generator. Moisture can ruin the alternator and other internal components that may lead to corrosion. Once there is damage to the generator, you need an overhaul to remove dirt and clean the internal components afterwards.

We had similar projects to build customised rainproof housing for clients having a strong demand for water resistance. If you have special requests for your diesel generator designs, feel free to consult our specialists!