Frequent Power Dips! Why Your Building Needs an Immediate Emergency Generator Inspection?

Published On 12 April, 2024

Frequent Power Dips! Why Your Building Needs an Immediate Emergency Generator Inspection?

In recent weeks, unexpected voltage dips in multiple regions across Hong Kong resulted in several elevator entrapment incidents. The reason? Can be wildfire, thunderstorms, or even equipment faults. These incidents serve as an important reminder that unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, like natural disasters, can disrupt the stable supply of power.

To help reduce the potential impacts of power outages caused by external factors, buildings falling within certain criteria are required to install emergency power systems. The Hong Kong Fire Services Department (HKFSD) regulations stipulate that qualified buildings should be equipped with emergency generators, which should be capable of activating and providing electricity within 15 seconds upon the disruption of the main power source.

When unexpected power issues occur, emergency diesel generators integrated with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) can help ensure the safe operation of elevators. The ATS is designed to detect power disruptions to the main power supply. When a power outage occurs, the ATS of the emergency diesel generator for elevators switches the power source, automatically supplying power to essential systems. Complementing this setup, the DeepSea 7320 genset controller has become a favoured choice for our diesel generators. Deployed in various local building projects, its trusted reliable control and monitoring capabilities have proven essential in ensuring a smooth transition during utility failures.

However, to prevent generators from failing to start or function properly, regular inspections and maintenance checks are crucial. It is important to check the battery status, gauge the fuel level and confirm the ATS’s proper functioning. At Yip Shing, we are committed to comprehensive safety checks and preventative care programs to keep your backup energy systems running smoothly. Our services include:

1. Regular generator repair and maintenance (monthly, quarterly, annually etc)
2. Provision of generator testing reports and maintenance reports
3. Replacement of generator parts and engine oil
4. Assembly of backup generator sets compatible with ATS systems
5. Generator rental to ensure stable power supply during power electrical replacements

If trapped in an elevator, don’t panic and alert building management using the alarm or intercom. Follow their instructions and wait for the rescue. Do not try to force open the doors or use the emergency hatch since this can be risky. Elevators are designed with safety features and communication systems. If needed, use the emergency contact numbers posted inside the lifts. Call “999” for immediate life-threatening situations. Remember, the safest action is to stay calm and wait for elevator technicians to arrive. Help comfort others until then.

While natural disasters are beyond our control, property management and elevator maintenance providers should have comprehensive emergency plans to ensure the safety and well-being of elevator passengers in unforeseen circumstances. Be proactive! Email us and schedule your generator inspection today.


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Frequent Power Dips! Why Your Building Needs an Immediate Emergency Generator Inspection?